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Best Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

Playing in an online casino has its benefits compared to playing in a land based casino and the main benefit is that the average RTP% (Return to Player percentage) is far greater online. This is a known fact. In fact, most online casinos have an average 94% to 98% RTP and we always suggest that you never play in an online casino whose RTP% is lower than 94%.

The way in which this is calculated is fairly straight forward and this is generally calculated on a monthly basis, although it could also be calculated on a daily basis or on a six monthly basis, depending on where you are playing. The figures are based on the entire amount of wagers spent by players over a certain period of time.

If for example a casino has a 95% RTP and players spend $/€/£5,000,000 in the casino in a month. The casino will pay back on average $/€/£4,750,000 in winnings and it will keep the remaining 5% as profit. Therefore if a casino has an average 98% RTP, it will pay back 98% of all wagers in winnings and it will keep the remaining 2% as profit, and so on.

So in theory, the higher the RTP, the better it is for you as a player. Although it doesn't guarantee that you as a player are guaranteed to win in a casino with a higher RTP% than a casino with a much lower RTP%, you do have a slightly better chance. Some players even actively search for online casinos with higher RTP's and don't ever consider playing at casinos with low RTPs.

However, this RTP% is likely to fluctuate throughout the year at each casino and this information is generally quite easy to find. You could contact the support and they can point you in the right direction, or if the casino is eCOGRA approved for example, you could click on this eCOGRA logo and this will bring up all of the relevant RTP% information that you are looking for. You can find out the RTP% for the casino on a whole, or you can also check out the RTP % for individual games.

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